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Author: Jenny Sampson - Date Added: April 05, 2010 09:48:10 AM

How to Buy Pearl Jewelry

Category: Shopping: Jewelry

If you happen to be shopping for pearls keep in mind that there are 6 major things to consider before picking your choice such as luster, thickness, shape, texture, size and the color. These factors greatly affect the value of the pearl that is why it is advisable for pearl shoppers to take note of them before getting fooled by merchants who will take advantage of shoppers who does not have an idea of what they are getting.   Luster - refers to the glow or brilliance of the pearl and is considered to be the differentiator of pearl quality. Make sure that you are going to purchase pearls that are shiny in order to get your money’s worth.   Shape – Although pearls come in 8 different shapes (round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, and circled), perfectly round pearls are rarest and of course most expensive.   Size - pearls are measured in millimeters and of course the larger the pearl means the more expensive it is. Simply consider your purpose for purchasing a pearl on this one. For example, it is never advisable to use extremely big pearls for a pair of earrings so you might as well settle for a smaller pearl for your earrings in order to make it look appropriate.   Colors - Some of the most popular options include shades of white, cream, gold and black. Take note that real pearls never fade. Its color should still be the same several years after you purchased them. In case, you were going to match a set of jewelry with these pearls. Make sure that their color is in uniform since it will add up to their value once they’d all match up pretty well.   Thickness – Just like “pearl size”. You must simply consider the pearls’ thickness depending on its particular purpose such as thick pearls for earrings and rings and thinner pearls for necklace purposes and bracelets.   Texture – Surface flaws and symmetry also plays a major part on the pearls’ grade since rough parts on its surface can automatically affect the luster and quality of the pearl. Take note that pearls are graded as AAA quality for the highest grade and A for the lowest jewelry-grade pearl.   Make sure that you have a certain amount of budget when purchasing pearls. As we all know, these gems are usually expensive. Never settle for fake ones in case your budget does not allow you to purchase quality ones.


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