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Author: Jenny Sampson - Date Added: March 31, 2010 12:43:35 PM

Take Care of your Pearls to extend their Life

Category: Shopping: Jewelry

Pearls are the modern girls best friend when it comes to jewelry. often worn either as a button style earring, as a simple bracelet, or long rope necklace, they add glam and style to any women's wardrobe. While pearls can be very resilient, they can also become damaged over time when not properly care for correctly. When the long wait of buying your first set of elegant pearls is finally over, its time to learn how to care for and properly wear your jewelry. Here are some good tips in taking care of your pearls: It is important to put on your pearls last while getting ready for the day or evening. Chemicals are very harsh on the pearls surface nacre. Cosmetics that you always use such as perfume, hairspray, facial moisturizers and sun block can easily destroy your pearls. The most important step is to ensure that you only put your pearls on after these chemicals have dried. While pearls should be put on last, they should also be the very first to be removed when undressing. Wipe them right away with the use of a soft, dry or damp cloth to remove any dirt or perspiration that could have build up while wearing them. After using a damp cloth for wiping, lay them flat on a dry cloth and do not touch until they are completely dry. Pearls are softer than other hard gems and should be stored in a soft pouch or cloth made of natural fiber. Do not mix your pearls with your other jewelry or precious stones as will scratch. It is best to store your pearls in a cooler place and away from direct sunlight. Too much heat or sunlight can dry the pearls and actually cause the pearls nacre to crack. Pearls require fresh air and moisture to remain looking beautiful. Thus, when storing pearls in a safe or safety deposit box, put a glass of water inside to provide moisture in the air and prevent the pearls from cracking. Cleanse your pearls with a mild soap and a soft cloth and lay them flat to dry. Do not ever submerge your pearls in water, or any cleansing solution not recommended for the use with pearls. Lastly, use your pearls as often as you want. Although there are some people who believe that using their pearls often may increase the risk of wear and tear, however this is the opposite of reality. Natural oils found in your skin are good for your pearls and will help to keep them look beautiful and lustrous. Pearls are a valuable possession for owners like you. They contain a sentimental value that you would wish to keep for many years.  


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